Vaňkát Agromarket

About us


The beginning of our company is dated in year 1992, when company  Jaromír Vaňkát-Agromarket was established. We have been dealing in the market of agricultural commodities ever since.

In the beginning we have worked mainly in the domestic market. Our main focus changed in 1994 when we have specialised in international business with low-volume commodities.

For some commodities we have kept the same producers and buyers since the beginning. Also in the area of manufactoring seeds we aim to cooperate with our verified partners.

 In the year 2003 we changed  our business form on the grounds  of a certification and we have established company VANKAT-AGROMARKET, s. r. o., which took over the activities of the former company. In 2004 our company was certified ISO 9001:2001. The former company is still active, only in different areas of business. The newly established company VANKAT-AGROMARKET, s. r. o. has been extending its activities in all directions.